About Us

eMovieTickets allows our corporate clients and customers to be able to supply their members and employees with discounted cinema tickets to Australia’s leading cinemas in an electronic format. In order to be able to purchase via eMovieTickets.com.au clients must log in via our portal.

eMovieTickets was established to assist our corporate clients and social clubs so that they can still offer the service and benefit of discounted cinema tickets without the hassle of having to manage paper tickets, collect payment from members. E Movie Tickets provides the access to all of Australia’s leading cinemas in one place whilst still offering a discount and manages the process.

Our service allows our clients members and staff the ability to order their own tickets, collects payment and emails the tickets direct to the end user.

In order to gain access to our service you must firstly be approved by C-Direct Pty Ltd and the relevant cinema brands. The offer is only available to corporate organisations, social clubs and membership groups. This offer is not available to general consumers.

For further information please contact us via Phone: 1300 785 506 / Fax: 1300 785 505 / Email: info@emovietickets.com.au